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AC Tech - Lenze
ACR Systems Data Loggers
Baldor Electric
Banner Engineering
Compumotor (Parker)
CTC (Parker)
Daedal (Parker)
Danaher Controls
Dynapar Encoders
Eagle Signal / Veeder-Root
Nidec - Control Techniques
Hyde Park
IPS (Industrial Profile Systems)
KB Electronics
Lenze - AC Tech
Northstar Encoders
Parker Electromechanical Division
Parker Hannifin
Parker Pneumatics (Schrader)
PULS Power
Red Lion Controls
Schrader Cylinders
Schrader Valves
Sola Hevi-Duty
Warner Electric

Factory Authorized Distributor of World Renowned Manufacturers

Shingle & Gibb is the Mid-Atlantic region's AUTHORIZED distributor of a variety of high quality products to suit your company's industrial applications.

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Parker Actuator Division (Parker Automation) - Screw and belt driven linear actuators with servo or stepper controls, rodless actuators, aluminum extrusion for machine guarding and framing

Altech Altech Corp. - Control components, push buttons, circuit protection devices, motor disconnect switches, terminal blocks, plastic enclosures

Ametek-Patriot - GEMCO - Linear displacement trans- ducers, programmable limit switches, rotary cam boxes, CATRAC cable and hose carriers

Baldor - Electric motors, AC/DC drives, softstarts, brakes, sub-fractional gearmotors

Banner Engineering - Photo-electric, ultrasonic & laser sensors, measurement and inspection sensors, safety light screens, vision systems, wireless products

Bayside (Parker Automation) - Precision gearboxes, inline & right angle, standard & low backlash, NEMA or planetary, linear positioning systems Bircher Safetec - Safeguarding products, pressure sensitive safety mats, edges and controllers

Bircher Safetec - Safeguarding products, pressure sensitive safety mats, edges and controllers.

Boston Gear (an Altra Company) - Speed reducers, open gearing, bearings, couplings, AC/DC variable speed drives, fluid power components

Citect (a Schneider Company) - SCADA/HMI, data analysis software packages, Windows-based platform with true DCS redundancy

Compumotor (Parker Automation) - Programmable motion control, stepper motors, servo motors, linear servomotor systems, multi-axis servo controls

Contrex - Digital closed loop speed regulators and synchronizers for AC, DC and servo drives

CTC (Parker Automation) -
HMI, Operator Interfaces, software, bundled software & hardware solutions, PowerStations, industrial PCs, factory floor monitors, web enabled products

Daedal/Hauser (Parker Automation) - Manual and motorized linear and rotary positioning tables and multi-axis systems

Danaher Controls - Counters, timers, encoders & panel meters from Veeder-Root, Dynapar and Eagle Signal

Danfoss - Sensorless vector AC adjustable speed drives, HVAC drives, softstarters

Dodge (a Baldor Company) - Gearboxes, bearings, belt
drives, shaft couplings and PT components

Dynapar (A Danaher Company) - The broadest line of motion feedback controls including Dynapar Encoders, Hengstler, Northstar, and Harowe resolvers.

Electra-Gear - Aluminum worm gearboxes, helical double & triple worms, gearmotors

Electro Cam Corp. - Programmable and rotary cam limit switches and motion controls

Emerson Industrial Automation/Control Techniques - Servos, multi axis controllers AC/DC drives, softstarters

Empire Magnetics - Custom stepper and servo motors for non-standard environments

Encoder Products Co. - Incremental, absolute, c-face and linear cable encoders

Euchner - Safety interlock switches, safety relays, automation components, RFID, magnetic safety switches

Exergen - Infrared, non-contact temperature sensors

Exlar - A complete line of linear and rotary actuator products, including the patented planetary roller screw as a true hydraulic actuator replacement.

Exor - Operator interfaces, machine control work stations, touch screens, industrial PCs

Falk (A Rexnord Company) - A trusted name for gearboxes with parallel and right angle solutions, Steelflex® Grid Couplings

Formsprag Clutch (an Altra Company) - Overrunning clutches and backstops

Fortress Interlocks - the ultimate range of safety gate switches featuring the innovative modular design using trapped key technology

Gates - V, timing, HTD and Polychain transmission belts, sheaves and pulleys

Groschopp - Fractional HP AC/DC motors, gearmotors

Hammond Mfg. - Electrical enclosures, NEMA 1,12,13,4,4X rated, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass, rack cabinets, small enclosures

Hub City - Right angle bevel & miter gear drives, parallel shaft and worm gear speed reducers

Hyde Park (a Schneider Company) - Ultrasonic, proximity and level sensors, photoelectrics, inductive proximity switches


Intelligent Moon Systems IMS
(a Schneider Company) - Stepping motor drives, microstepping indexer systems, integrated drive/stepmotor products

ISSC ISSC - Timers, proximity switches, motion controllers

KB Electronics

KB Electronics - Variable speed AC/DC motor controls

Lee Controls Lee Controls - Linear shafting, bearings and systems, linear motion systems

Leeson - AC/DC motors sub-fractional gearmotors AC/DC drives

Lenze/AC Tech - a complete line of AC drives, servo products and mechanical components including precision bevel and planetary gearheads

Lovejoy - Shaft couplings, ROSTA tensioners, variable speed pulleys

Magpowr - Magnetic particle and air clutches and brakes, tension controls, load cells

MOXA - Designs and manufactures data networking products including wireless, industrial Ethernet, remote I/O, embedded computers, cellular modems

Nexen - Pneumatic clutches, brakes, tension controls, edge and web guides, servo brakes

Nook Industries - Acme and precision screws, splines, screw jacs, electric cylinder actuators, linear systems, components

Parker Automatiom - see Actuator Division, Bayside, Compumotor, CTC, Daedal/ Hauser, Schrader Bellows, Trilogy Linear Motors

Patlite - Light towers, beacons, strobes, voice synthesizers

Pyromation - Temperature
sensors, thermocouples, RTD's

Red Lion Controls - Counters, tachs, timers, panel meters, temperature controls, data acquisition, operator interfaces, signal conditioners and I/O

Rittal Enclosures - Enclosures, power Distribution, Climate Control, IT Infrastructure, Accessories

Saginaw Control & Engineering - Standard stock and custom designed enclosures (steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass), workstations, pedestal mounts

Schrader Bellows (Parker Automation) - Air cylinders, valves, FRLs, pneumatic systems, accessories

SEW Eurodrive - Gearboxes, gear motors, variable speed drives, IEC motors

Sharp Vision - Compact machine vision system with built in PLC, grayscale and color, standalone and PC based

Siemens - PLC's motor starters, pilot devices, position sensors, contactors, logic components, molded case breakers, limit switches, photoelectrics, proximity sensors

Sola/Hevi-Duty (a Emerson Company) - Control Power Solutions, power Supplies, automation and distribution transformers, DC UPS, power conditioning, surge protection

Sprecher + Schuh (Rockwell Automation) - IEC contactors, starters, soft starts, push buttons, logic devices, breakers, light towers, mini-breakers

  Steeplechase - PC-Based machine control software

Sterling Electric - Standard & specialty AC motors including stainless motors and gearboxes

Sumitomo - SM Cyclo cycloidal reducers, gearmotors, variable frequency drives

T.B. Woods (An Altra Company) - Manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment, including synchronous, variable and V-Belt drives, couplings, clutches and brakes

Thomson Linear Motion (a Danaher Company) - Thomson linear motion products, screw, spline, and linear actuator systems, wrap spring clutches

Trilogy Linear Motors (Parker Automation) - Full line of linear motors and positioners plus magnetic and optical encoders

Turck - Proximity, pressure, temperature and flow sensors, automation controls, cordsets, relays, intrinsically safe products, encoders, RFID systems, bus networks

U.S. Tsubaki - Roller chain, engineering class chain, sprockets, PT components

Veeder-Root (A Danaher Company) - A broad selection of rugged but economical electronic, mechanical and electromechanical counters as well as process and rate indicators

Warner Electric (an Altra Company) - Clutches, brakes, controls, tensioning systems

WEG - A complete line of AC motors, variable frequency drives and control automtion products

Zeromax - Gear drives, adjustable speed drives, linear actuators, couplings including servo and zero backlash offerings, torque limiters, shaft locking devices